Sirene Artisan Chocolate Makers


Community Outreach Maestro

About Sirene
Sirene Chocolate is a bean-to-bar chocolate maker in Victoria, BC. We make our chocolate ourselves, directly from cocoa beans we carefully source from the farms we like the ethics of, and who are growing great flavoured beans. It is important to us that we know who is growing our beans and what their processes are. We want to make life better: for the farmer, the consumer and for our own employees. We work hard to make some of the best chocolate in the world, and now we’re looking for a Community Outreach Maestro to lead the effort of getting the word out about the chocolate we make.

About the Job
Sirene was founded in 2013, has been winning International awards since 2015, and growing organically through word of mouth since then. We are now looking to hire a part time sales and marketing person who will spread the word about what Sirene is doing via social media channels, private tastings, farmers’ markets and special events. You will find and manage these tasting events including weekend markets, find corporate gifts clients, manage all social media accounts for the company, work with local restaurants, bars, breweries and distilleries, and generally be the public face of Sirene in Victoria. You will work offsite, not at the factory, though you will be closely aligned with the chocolate making process, flavour development, and release of bars. The position is planned for 20 hours per week, but being a young and growing company, those time demands could grow based on performance.

About You
You are comfortable making decisions on your own, without needing oversight for each decision. You do not need someone to motivate you, you know how to keep moving even when there is no immediate deadline. You’re known for your people skills, friendliness and positive, can-do attitude. You are excited to work closely with a small team and grow a small, ethics driven company.


  • Consistently find new outlets to heighten the community profile of Sirene through events, tastings, sales and relationships with local restaurants, bakeries, breweries and distilleries and corporate gifts.
  • Create and maintain a strategic weekly and quarterly marketing plan and communicate it to the founder.
  • Maintain the tone of Sirene’s current business message prioritizing the ethics of our relationships and transparency of business practices.
  • Cultivate new and maintain existing relationships with local businesses to increase both sales and brand profile in the community.
  • Stop by the production facility regularly to maintain contact with the process and products.
  • Balance the sales and marketing point of view in meetings with the founder while understanding and balancing strategic company goals.
  • Communicate feedback from customers to ensure their voices are heard.
    Other tasks as needed


  • Prior experience representing a company or brand.
  • Good time management and prioritization skills — you understand competing priorities and always try to maximize what you can accomplish with the available time and resources.
  • Excellent communication skills — your communication style is approachable and clear, ensuring people feel comfortable and happy in your presence and with what you are telling them about Sirene. Humour is appreciated but not necessary.
  • Organizational skills — you’re a self motivated person who likes to have a plan (and back-up plan) to make sure your goals can be achieved.
  • Bachelor’s degree or relevant industry experience
  • Legally authorized to work in Canada
  • Fluent spoken and written English. French and Spanish are a bonus.

To apply, please send your resume and a cover letter explaining about you and why you’re interested in this position to info (at)