Be a part of the choice of a new origin.

Normally, the process of selecting new cacao bean origins happens behind the scenes, long before finished bars make their way to all of you. I pore over samples of possible new origins and make small test batches of chocolate that then just sit around forever because there is too little to package and sell. It occurred to me when I ended the latest series of test batches that you all might enjoy being part of the process - that it could give you a glimpse into a part of Sirene that is normally hidden to consumers, while introducing you to several delicious new single origin chocolates.

In that spirit, I have put together a VERY small number of testing bundles of three tasty contenders from high quality farms in Peru. The country has an amazing variety of genetics represented in its various cacao regions, so I am excited to share these with you. I won’t name the farms out of respect for those we might not work with long-term, but I’ll include the names of the regions as you may know of them and perhaps you have tried chocolate from that area before.

These bars are all 73% dark chocolate with the same roast profiles, conche times and cocoa butter and sugar content. 

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