Sirene Artisan Chocolate Makers

The Taste

Tasting Tips

Yes, you have been eating solid foods since you were an infant…what can we tell you about this process that you don’t already know you ask? Well, if you want to fully appreciate all the subtle flavours, you need to eat fine chocolate differently than other foods. Some of the flavours are gentle ones that are lying delicately underneath the bolder ones. Some of the flavours are rich and complex. To reach them all in turn, put the chocolate on your tongue and let it melt. Don’t chomp into it (your teeth and cheeks don’t have taste buds!). As the chocolate melts the flavours will develop and evolve, and since it is sitting right on your tongue, you will taste all the possible flavours. Savour each flavour as it appears. Fruit, citrus, bitter, floral, leather, fudge, raisin and many more are all possible. The flavours can linger for a while too, so savour the taste long after the chocolate itself is melted and gone from your mouth.

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