Adventurer Collection

Unleash your inner explorer.

Stride boldly into the incredible taste variations a cocoa beans origin delivers and you won't be able to look to your regular chocolate in the same way. This collection will thrill your tastebuds as you explore what flavours these different regions give to our chocolate.

The Adventurer Collection features 2 of each of the chocolate bars in our current lineup for a total of 18 single origin bars. From our dark bars that have won awards all around the world like the Lachua, Guatemala to our new favourite Alto Beni, Bolivia ranging to old favourites like the Dark Milk and Ch'abil (named after the Q'eqchi Mayan term for "nice" or "good" ) and then over to the newest and rotating Limited Edition bars there is a great range of single origin chocolate flavours to discover. 

Constantly changing, just like that world we live in, so keep an eye on this collection. 

Included in the collection right now are:

2 Lachua, Guatemala 73%

2 Tingo Maria, Peru 73%

2 Fleur de Sel 73%

2 Mayan Spice 73%

2 100%

2 Lachua, Guatemala Dark Milk

2 Mocha

2 Ch'abil

2 Semuliki Forest, Uganda Dark Milk

Made in a nut free facility, soy free and gluten free.

Adventurer Collection