Adventurer Collection

This collection will thrill the chocolate adventurer in you as you explore the various flavours that different regions can give to cocoa beans, and therefore our chocolate. Our Adventurer Collection features 2 of each of the chocolate bars in our current lineup for a total of 18 single origin bars. From our big award winners like the Lachua and Tingo Maria, old favourites like the Dark Milk to the newer additions like the Ch'abil named after the Q'eqchi Mayan term for "nice" or "good" or one of the rotating Limited Edition bars. 

Included in the collection are:

2 Lachua 73%

2 Tingo Maria 73%

2 Fleur de Sel 73%

2 Limited Edition Dark

2 Mayan Spice 73%

2 100%

2 Dark Milk

2 Ch'abil

2 Soconusco 73%


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