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Sirene Chocolate

Coastal Rainforest 73% Dark

Coastal Rainforest 73% Dark

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BC's coastal rainforest is a rich ecosystem where the forest and ocean often impact each other creating an abundance of food. The currants, morels and kelp found in this bar are but a small list of the foods it sustains. Fruity notes from the currants are delivered on the smoothness provided by the kelp all overlayed by a rich umami from the morels. The fantastic beans from Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania form the base chocolate.

70g bar

Vegan--made with dehydrated cane sugar, so it doesn't contain the bone char that white sugar usually uses to remove the last bits of molasses to make it white.

Ingredients: organic cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, red currant, kelp


Made in a nut free facility, soy free, gluten free, milk free (though made in a facility that used milk powder so may contain traces).

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