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Sirene Chocolate

Limited Edition Madagascar Aged 73% Dark

Limited Edition Madagascar Aged 73% Dark

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The Bean to Bar industry is way too young to use terms like "Legendary" quite yet. However, one day Bertil Akesson's beans from Madagascar will be called Legendary. Almost every maker responsible for starting this craft chocolate industry used it at one point (or still do). It is also responsible for a huge number of "aha" moments from customers as their preconceptions about how chocolate should taste is shattered by the fruitiness of this bean.  

We have aged this chocolate for 7 years to mature and mellow it resulting in an interesting and delicious take on this amazing bean. 

Ingredients: organic cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter

Made in a nut free facility, soy free, gluten free, milk free (though made in a facility that used milk powder so may contain traces).

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